The Untergailtaler Kirchtagstracht is a special costume, because it was gathered over the last centuries. Farmers, merchants and travelers used to bring their wives little things from their journeys, such as leather goods from Carniola or colorful fabrics and cloths from Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The women's costume consists of a variety of parts. Starting from the bottom up with the white pointed stockings, which particularly emphasize the girls' calves, and the lace-up boots made of black leather. Over the knee-length cotton petticoats trimmed with lace comes a short, tight underskirt. Over this skirt two more wide skirts made of 12 running meters of linen fabric are worn, which make up the fullness of the costume. The petticoats are starched with rice starch. The linen blouse has a V-collar, which is carefully laid in waves with sugar water. The centerpiece of the costume is the ras, a hand-pleated skirt of pure wool fresco with a velvet and silk bodice. It is accompanied by two aprons, a colorful hand-pleated one and a black one worn underneath. A highlight is also the feather quill embroidered belt with ribbon jewelry and the colorful cloths on the chest and head.

The men's costume is kept very dark and indicates the former profession of the peasant carters. The basis is the white linen shirt with its puffy sleeves and the red witch's stitch on the collar and cuffs. Over it is worn a gilet of silk or embroidered velvet, and a colorful scarf around the neck. The high boots, which reach above the knee, are worn in brown and leather trousers either in brown or black round off this costume with a dark velvet skirt and hat, as well as a pointed cap, which the costume wearers carry in their trouser pockets.


We are often asked how to put on the Untergailtaler Kirchtagstracht and how the individual parts of the costume look like.

Therefore, we have created a step-by-step photo story and show here insights into the dressing of the Gailtalertracht.