About us


We are a folk dance group whose goal is to maintain and preserve Carinthian customs and to bring them closer to the people through folk dance.

The group currently has 30 active members, 13 boys and 17 girls, between 17 and 70 years.

The geographical focus of the folk dance group to preserve and maintain customs, is in the immediate vicinity of the city of Villach, in the neighboring provinces and neighboring countries. In addition to the performance of dances, the dance group always tries to actively involve its guests and spectators in the events. This gives the guests the opportunity to participate in audience dances, to learn easy folk dances and to get to know the dance culture and tradition. In this way the folk dance group wants to rediscover old dances, maintain culture, pass it on and keep it in memory. On the other hand, the group creates a community for meaningful recreation with live music, without electronics.



The youth group of the Kärntner Landsmannschaft Villach was founded in 1967 by Lilein Mörtl. Mörtl's goal was to bring Carinthian customs and their maintenance and preservation closer to the Carinthian, but especially to the Villach youth. The first group consisted of nine girls and 15 boys.

The first performances were danced in the Drautaler Tracht. In 1972 the youth group registered as an independent association and changed its name - the "Volkstanzgruppe Villach der Kärnter Landsmannschaft" was born. The first rehearsals were held in the gymnasium of the HAK Villach, under the direction of chairwoman Lilein Mörtl and dance leader Prof. Franz Grall.