We are a folkloristic dance group, whose aim it is to cultivate carinthian tradition and to bring that tradition closer to the people. The group consists of 35 active dancers, 16 boys and 19 girls, within the age of 16 to 60 years.

Our geographic focus for transporting and maintaining the traditions, extends from the immediate vicinity of the City of Villach, to neighboring states and  countries. In addition to the presentation of dances, we try to involve and integrate our guests and spectators actively. We want to give our audience the opportunity to paricipate in dances with the audience, learn easy dances and get to know Carinthian dance culture and tradition. On the one hand, we want to maintain culture, rediscover old dances, keep them alive and pass them on to new generations. But on the other hand, we form a community for leisure time activities with live music without electronics.




The “Jugendgruppe der Kärntner Landsmannschaft Ortsgruppe Villach” was founded in 1967 through Lilein Mörtel. Her aim was to bring the carinthian but especially the youth of Villach closer to their roots and the traditions. The first group consisted of  nine girls and 15 boys.

The very first performances were danced in the Drautaler Tracht, which is a traditional costume. In 1972, the group changed its name, and the Volkstanzgruppe Villach was born. The first rehearsals were held in a gym with guidance of President Lilein Mörtel and Dance Master Prof. Franz Grall


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